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Move Towards Your Best
Lao Tzu said, “If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.” The trick is to head in a constructive, positive direction. Over time, repeated actions embed meaningful, positive habits that support your whole person well-being. That’s the purpose of the 30-Day Practice.

Pick a habit that you want to build–whether it’s becoming more active, eating healthier, building positive relationships, practicing mindfulness, increasing optimism, or growing resilience. Choose a practice from our library that aims you in your desired direction. Then, every day for 30 days in a row, a teacher shows up in your inbox to support your positive practice!

Each and every day, you’ll get short videos, concrete actions, and inspiring stories or quotes—a blueprint for daily action, created for you by a leading expert in that field.

Moving towards your best self, towards positive change, takes energy. You have to work at it. We’re here to bolster that energy while you’re embedding a new habit with clear actions and the support of a teacher who cares.

Join us for a 30-day practice to move towards your best self!


30-Day Practice Library

We’ve segmented these practices in accordance with the SPIRE model, with new practices added all the time. Don’t see what you want? Send us your 30-Day Practice idea! You’ll have access to your practice for a year, giving you the peace and time to repeat the actions for as long as you want, until they are embedded as habits.

Our very first practice in the series is Living with EASE, a mindfulness practice with Megan McDonough, CEO of Wholebeing Institute.


Spiritual: Leading a meaningful life and mindfully savoring the present. | » Living with EASE
Physical: Caring for the body and tapping into the mind/body unity.
Intellectual: Engaging in deep learning and opening to experience.
Relational: Nurturing a constructive relationship with self and others.
Emotional: Feeling all emotions, reaching towards resilience and optimism.



Why 30 Days?
To change anything we need to change our behavior—we can’t simply think or imagine our way to a better life. We must develop new habits. Practicing for 30 days enables us to lay down new neuronal connections that support the change we most want to make. When we shape each day a little bit toward the good, we learn that we matter to ourselves, that our days are significant and we can change our lives by changing our days.