Wholebeing Institute partners with Maytiv to Bring Positive Psychology into School Systems

Wholebeing Institute, an educational organization that provides in-depth training and certification for positive psychology professionals, is pleased to announce a partnership with Maytiv, a non-profit organization that brings positive psychology into school systems. Both organizations share a common foundation—course material developed, tested, and taught by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, an international thought-leader in the field and co-founder of both organizations.

The Research

Maytiv conducted two wide-ranging assessments of the intervention programs in schools from 2010 to 2012 for research purposes. The first study followed 1,038 seventh, eighth, and ninth-graders for the duration of the program at middle schools in the center of Israel. The second study examined the impact of the intervention program on 2,517 pupils from six middle schools around the country.

The research findings demonstrated a clear connection between participation in the intervention program and lower levels of emotional distress, expressed by a significant decrease in symptoms of depression, anxiety, and general stress.

In addition, significant correlation was found between participation in the program and a rise in positive emotions, optimism, improved self-image, improved sense of capability, a decrease in the level of violence in the schools, and improvements in academic achievement, expressed by a clear rise in grade point averages.

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Click the image for all 7 graphs.

Click the image for all 7 graphs.

View the research results, or read the research article published in September 2013 in the Journal of Happiness Studies.

Positive Psychology Intervention in Schools

The positive psychology program consists of a 30-hour training program for educators at each participating school. Participants typically include teachers, school psychologists, social workers, counselors, and administrators. Each training program comprises no more than 20 participants to maintain group intimacy.

During the training, participating teachers are given a positive psychology curriculum to pass on to their students. Educators teach their students the curriculum in 15 sessions every two weeks throughout the school year.

To date the program has reached over 500 teachers and 20,000 students in Israel.

Through the Wholebeing Institute partnership, Maytiv is extending the curriculum to schools globally, eventually using graduates of the Certificate in Positive Psychology program as authorized course facilitators via a training course currently under development.

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