Crucial Conversations and Actions

Walking the Path to End Racial Bias, Racism, and Race-Based Death

Wholebeing Institute’s Urgent International Series on Race

We all want to live in a just, fair, and peaceful world. How can this come about? What is our place in the process? In this 7-week online course, we will draw on positive psychology tools, effective altruism, and yoga therapy tools to engage in crucial conversations about race, white privilege, and how the actions we take (or don’t) can impact racial bias and race-based death.

With compassion and care, Stephen and Mina will guide us through a process to foster deep listening, self-reflection, and increased awareness. You will apply job-crafting tools to reimagine, develop, and implement personal and business action plans that move us toward social justice. After this internal reckoning, Stephen and Mina will encourage us to sustain mindfulness in order to be proactive about destroying the “New Jim Crow” and creating a better world.