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Where the new science of positive psychology meets
the ancient practice of yoga.

About this program
Learn more about Yogaspire with 7 days of e-lessons and a video overview.

Based on science, the foundational principle of Yogaspire is that every psychological state has a physical corollary – and vice-versa. Because of this body-mind unity, we can create, enhance, and fortify psychological states through physical poses.

Yogaspire taps into the science from the emerging field of positive psychology (as well as other relevant advances in neurobiology, social sciences, and philosophy) and applies this knowledge in the context of yoga postures.


Yogaspire is an easy and simple way to tap into the wisdom of the body to cultivate emotional well-being. In fact, Yogaspire is so accessible, it can be applied while waiting for a job interview, waiting in traffic, or as a morning wake-up routine to set your psychological focus for the day.

Yogaspire is not so much about therapy or healing as it is about fortifying and strengthening. Like the difference between conventional psychology (focuses on alleviating pain or depression) and positive psychology (focuses on enhancing wellbeing and prevention), Yogaspire focuses on the natural capacity of the physical to affect the emotional.

Who this approach is for

Whether you’ve been practicing yoga for decades or have never practiced yoga in your life, Yogaspire is open and available to anyone who wishes to understand and apply the concepts personally or professionally, including:

  1. Yoga teachers and yoga therapists to help ground a physical practice with an enhanced science-based understanding of the psychological component.
  2. Therapists to help introduce easy, safe, yoga postures to bring the body into therapeutic sessions, while honoring the clinical boundaries of touch.
  3. Laypersons to help everybody apply the power of the body to access greater states of emotional well-being.

Developed by

TalBenShaharsm Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, a Harvard-trained psychologist, CLO of Wholebeing Institute, and leading expert in the field of positive psychology.

MeganMsm Megan McDonough, CEO of Wholebeing Institute and nuclear medicine technologist turned yoga teacher.

Core principle
The Yogaspire methodology, like all courses at Wholebeing Institute, is based on SPIRE–a five-pronged whole person approach to wellbeing. SPIRE is an acronym that stands for spiritual, physical, intellectual, relational, and emotional wellbeing. It is only by taking into account the whole person that the greatest wellbeing can be realized. For more on the SPIRE approach, click hereSPIRE Methodology
Learn more about yogaspire

A complete Yogaspire course will be rolled out later this year.
You’re invited to get an early sneak peek through this free 7-day overview program, which outlines Yogaspire principles via daily emails for a week, a video describing three simple postures and the science behind each, and a worksheet to help you build awareness of the link between the physical and the psychological each and every day.