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Love Dogs and Letting Your Yoga Dance

Posted on Oct 16, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relational, Spiritual

by Megha Nancy Buttenheim I have always adored dogs—I’ve sometimes wondered if I was one in a former life, maybe a yellow lab or a black royal standard poodle with no pom-poms. Due to highly sensitive wrists, I am not a lover of Down Dog, but I am a lover of real dogs, the bigger the better. I adore the way they dance and prance; I worship the way they love with their luminous eyes, panting tongues, and huge hearts. Two decades ago, I...

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How to Say YES to Life

Posted on Oct 11, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Relational, Spiritual

by Maria Sirois When we think of resilience, we usually think of its relationship to the difficult moments. It helps us through traumas and tragedies and unexpected shifts in our days. We call upon it when faced with challenge or upheaval. It also serves us in some of our greatest moments. Resilience can enable us to choose when and how to say yes to life. It is about growing within ourselves and navigating the unknown. It can help give us...

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Creating Beauty and Ease in Work and Life

Posted on Oct 9, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Relational

by Anda Klavina One of the most common desires I hear from coaching clients and students in my positive psychology seminars is this: I want to live (work, be) with more ease! I want more joy in my life! Often these are successful professionals, far into their careers, with substantial achievements and established positions, but also with heavy responsibilities and tightly planned schedules. Something—a change in family or career, or just...

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‘No Shaming’ versus ‘Yes Living’

Posted on Oct 4, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Relational, Spiritual

by Denise Riebman Recently, I declined politely (or so I thought) to provide free career advising for a former student I hadn’t seen or spoken to in 10 years—and ended up feeling shamed by her response to my turning down her request. If she had wanted to reconnect or have an informational interview about the career coaching field, I would have agreed; if she was a close friend or family member, I would have happily provided career...

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Get out of the Loop: Why We Ruminate and Six Ways to Stop Overthinking

Posted on Oct 2, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Relational, Spiritual

by Lynda Wallace You know how it is when you have a song stuck in your head? Like your brain is stuck in a loop that just keeps playing over and over again? Very few of us make the mistake of thinking there’s anything helpful about being caught in that loop. While it isn’t doing us any real harm, we know that it also isn’t doing us any good. It’s just a quirk of our nervous systems, and the sooner we can get the song out of our heads,...

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WBI Welcomes New Chief Learning Officer

Posted on Sep 28, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Relational, Spiritual

by Megan McDonough It is my great pleasure to introduce you to Wholebeing Institute’s new Chief Learning Officer: Dr. Karen Whelan-Berry. You may know Karen—she’s been closely involved with Wholebeing Institute since 2013. I’ve had the privilege and honor to work with and learn from her over these last five years, and I know you’ll be as impressed as I am with her skills and wisdom. Karen brings more than 20 years of leadership,...

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