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Giving Thanks 365 Days a Year

Posted on Nov 20, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relational, Spiritual

by Kim Childs Nearly 30 years ago, I was driving solo along the highways of New Mexico with some books on tape to keep me company. The most memorable of these was Feel the Fear and Do it Anyway, a self-help classic by the late Susan Jeffers. In addition to offering good ideas about managing fear, Jeffers suggests that we take time each night to write down 50 things for which we’re grateful. “Did she say 50?” I exclaimed, rewinding...

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The Power of Kindness

Posted on Nov 8, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relational, Spiritual

by Lynda Wallace Think of the kindest person you know. Now think of the happiest. Is it the same person? Chances are pretty good that it is, because very few things make us as happy as being kind. And of course being happier usually makes us kinder in turn. It’s a self-reinforcing cycle that we all want to be a part of. And research suggests that being kind in sustained—and sometimes inconvenient—ways may make us happiest of...

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Working Compassionately with Difficult Emotions: My Time with Pema Chödrön

Posted on Oct 23, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relational, Spiritual

by Louis Cinquino The notice popped up on my computer—and I signed up immediately. A Facebook friend, remarkable health coach and yoga instructor Jessica Sandhu, had alerted me that Pema Chödrön, the revered American Buddhist nun and best-selling author of such works as When Things Fall Apart, would be teaching a weekend program in Vermont. I didn’t even stop to see what the topic was—Ani Pema, as nuns in the Tibetan Buddhist...

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Love Dogs and Letting Your Yoga Dance

Posted on Oct 16, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relational, Spiritual

by Megha Nancy Buttenheim I have always adored dogs—I’ve sometimes wondered if I was one in a former life, maybe a yellow lab or a black royal standard poodle with no pom-poms. Due to highly sensitive wrists, I am not a lover of Down Dog, but I am a lover of real dogs, the bigger the better. I adore the way they dance and prance; I worship the way they love with their luminous eyes, panting tongues, and huge hearts. Two decades ago, I...

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CiPP Student Spotlight: Lisa Sullivan

Posted on Sep 25, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relational, Spiritual

On Becoming an Expert by Suzee Connole One sentence brought Lisa Sullivan to the Certificate in Positive Psychology and, ultimately, changed the trajectory of her career: If you’re going to teach it, you need to become an expert first. Lisa was a corporate marketing executive, and that line from her supervisor kept coming back to her as she researched techniques for bringing mindfulness into the workplace. She searched the words “emotional...

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How Positive Dating Improves Your Love Life

Posted on Sep 18, 2018 in blog, Emotional, Intellectual, Physical, Relational

by Cora Boyd Dating—especially modern dating—can certainly be as frustrating as it is exciting. Few other areas of life demand as much optimism, vulnerability, patience, and perspective as does the process of navigating the highs and lows of finding love. In my work as a dating coach, I give my clients four general guidelines for creating a fruitful and fun dating life: lead with your curiosity, live a life that excites you, practice...

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