“How do we rise, when darkness comes close?”

Maria Sirois, WBI’s beloved teacher of resilience, authenticity and a myriad of other positive psychology topics, poses this question in her latest book, A Short Course in Happiness after Loss (and Other Dark, Difficult Times). She deftly guides us through this challenging terrain, leading by example – both her own and many others who have already drunk from the well of loss, – holds space for us to be “crazy and wise,” offers compassion and a way forward, and moves us to laughter and tears.

Sooner or later, this quintessential question of life is something we will all wrestle with. We cannot avoid the darkness, but we can learn from Maria how to find richness even in suffering, how to find heaven even in hell, and how to live with beauty and our scars.

Maria offers us this quote from Helen Keller: “We could never learn to be brave and patient, if there were only joy in the world.”

Are you ready to explore this journey of bravery and patience, the path of happiness after loss? Leave a comment below and join us for our live conference call on Tuesday June 7 at 7:30 pm EDT. Maria is an expert guide in her book, A Short Course in Happiness after Loss, and she will be our special guest on the live conference call. Bring your open hearts and any questions you may have for Maria on how we can find happiness after loss.

Book Discussion

When: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 at 7:30 pm EST
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Who should join? Anyone trying to cultivate happiness after loss, anyone who supports, loves, or works with people whose loves have been touched by loss.
Why join? Because happiness after loss is something we can lean into.

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A Short Course in Happiness After Loss brings to us a powerful intersection of the science of positive psychology and the wisdom necessary to thrive when facing life’s harshest moments. In poetic, compassionate and yet fearless language, Sirois traverses the territories we most fear—death, exile, disease—and carefully lights pathways toward a happiness that includes the scars of our suffering and the bounty and goodness present within our world. Her work offers each of us, no matter the trials of our lives, a template for rising through pain into a steady, resilient and open heart, one capable of facing sorrow and loving fully and laughing richly anyway.

About: Mina Simhai

Mina Simhai earned her Certificate in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute and served as a teaching assistant for CiPP4. She teaches positive psychology at George Washington University. She is also a recovering lawyer, yoga teacher and mother. Her latest project is bringing the tools of positive psychology to lawyers and others in the DC area and across the country. Her top strengths are judgment, love of learning, curiosity, love, and appreciation of beauty. Mina is an avid reader and looks forward to launching the WBI Book Club with you.