Join us for a live discussion with the author, Megha Nancy Buttenheim.

Can we build brain health, heart health, and soul health by moving our bodies?

Yes, according to Megha Nancy Buttenheim, MA, author of Expanding Joy. For the first time, Megha’s teachings on the mind-body connection are accessible to multitudes. Her beautiful book dives into the theory—from both the yogic and psychological perspectives—behind the magical thing Megha calls Let Your Yoga Dance, but she doesn’t stop there. With engaging, short videos that complement the book, Megha guides readers through some of the embodied practices she describes. This way, readers can enliven their minds with her written word and experience her teachings through the movement and meditation practices in the videos. The two minutes I just spent with the “Breath with Movement” video have left me feeling more centered and grounded. Definitely time well spent!

Maybe you’ve had the opportunity to Let Your Yoga Dance with Megha at Kripalu (where she’s been teaching for many years) or elsewhere, been moved to tears and filled with joy, and want to understand what happened. Maybe you haven’t tried Let Your Yoga Dance before but want to live with more joy. Either way, this book is for you.

Are you ready to dive deeper, and then talk with Megha and learn more about embodying resilience, gratitude, zest, and other qualities that support happiness? Mark your calendars for this special discussion with the author, and feel free to leave a comment about the book below.

Book Discussion

When: Monday, October 3, 2016, at 7:30 pm EST
Conference Call Dial in: 323-476-3997
Conference ID: 218555#
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Who should join? Anyone who wants more joy and beauty in their lives; those interested in embodied psychology, yoga, and other healing movement practices.
Why join? To talk live with Megha Nancy Buttenheim, learn her practices for expanding joy, and discover what’s possible when we link movement, breath, and positive psychology.


Megha Nancy Buttenheim has brought her uplifting practice, Let Your Yoga Dance, to the written word. For more than 30 years, she has taught thousands of people how to find, choose, heal, and expand through joy while dancing their yoga and moving their bodies. Dancer, yogi, teacher-trainer, and an expert in the field of experiential education, Megha has written a unique book filled with humor and heart that offers simple, powerful ways to embody positive psychology. Woven throughout this book are movement experiences for readers to enjoy.

About: Mina Simhai

Mina Simhai earned her Certificate in Positive Psychology from the Wholebeing Institute and served as a teaching assistant for CiPP4. She teaches positive psychology at George Washington University. She is also a recovering lawyer, yoga teacher and mother. Her latest project is bringing the tools of positive psychology to lawyers and others in the DC area and across the country. Her top strengths are judgment, love of learning, curiosity, love, and appreciation of beauty. Mina is an avid reader and looks forward to launching the WBI Book Club with you.