The more people learn and live the science of positive psychology and whole person well-being, the better off the world will be. We want this work to be open to as many people as possible in order to create a massive wave of action where people live their highest and best self for the highest and greatest good.

Want to join us?

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Apply to become a Wholebeing Institute partner! This gives you the ability to share the courses with others and earn a commission each time a referral purchases a course.

Teach it Forward

Rather than just promoting our courses, we encourage you to use the material in a way that enhances your own unique teaching, training, or consulting presence. Create your own blended learning experience that has both an online and an in-person component.

For example, use the:

In other words, use the course content to teach it forward, building around your work and adding value to yourself and your students.

Teaching makes the most impact when the teacher is fully engaged, energized, and committed to what is being taught. Use the Partner Program in a way that supports your vision of whole-person well-being.

We want for you what we want for our own courses—to make a positive impact.


Graduates (or soon-to-be graduates) of the Certificate in Positive Psychology course automatically qualify as partners. You are already a major part of the change-agent community! If you are not a CiPP graduate, there is a review process to assure alignment between your work and WBI.

How it Works

Just fill out the application form below. After reviewing, the WBI staff will send you a unique tracking code. Use it to spread the word in your email, social media, or with your training or consulting clients. Every time someone clicks on it and buys, you get credit.

For self-directed online courses taught by Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar, you’ll receive 20% of each sale ($59 per course). Live, blended, or onsite courses are not eligible for affiliate commissions at this time.

The tracking code (also known as a cookie) is valid for 90 days; payments are made quarterly via PayPal after you reach the minimum of $100. There is no cap on earnings.

We have a no-spam policy; please do not send unsolicited emails.

As we report payments to the Internal Revenue Service when your earnings surpass $600 in any calendar year, U.S. partners need to provide a social security or tax ID number. International partners can simply enter “International” in this field.

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